How to Make a Holographic Sticker

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Holographic paper is often used for promotional materials because it is attention-grabbing. The surface of the paper has a layer of silver aluminium that both diffracts and reflects light. This effect causes light to break up into multiple colours, creating a hologram.

Holographic stickers are often used in car windows, on magazine covers, presentation material and more. Creating these stickers is easy and less expensive than purchasing them in the store.

Purchase hologram paper. It comes in sheets or rolls and can be found at art and craft stores. Or you can purchase a roll of wrapping paper that has a holographic design.

Glue a sheet of hologram paper on top of a sheet of contact paper. Be sure to glue the paper onto the side of the contact paper that does not peel off. Another option is to glue the hologram paper onto a thick sheet of plain paper. Spread the glue evenly to avoid bubbles or gaps. Allow the glue to dry.

Cut the paper into your desired shapes for the stickers, such as stars, squares and hearts. Use a stencil or pattern to guide you, if you wish.

Spray repositionable adhesive to the back of the thick paper. This adhesive can be found at most hardware stores. Spray it six inches from the paper and let sit for approximately five minutes. If you used contact paper, do not use adhesive. Peel away the film layer to expose the sticky side.