How to Remove a Hub Cap From a Renault Clio

The hub caps on a Renault Clio hide the lug nuts from view as well as make the outside of the car more aesthetically appealing. Because they cover the lug nuts though, you need to remove the hub caps any time you want to replace a wheel, put on a spare tire, or get a tire replaced. Fortunately, Renault gives you everything you need to take off the hub caps, and one can be removed in under 5 minutes.

Take out the factory spare tire kit from the rear of the car. Open up the kit and look for a long flat tool with an end that looks like a flattened spoon or a flathead screwdriver.

Place the blade of the tool in the gap between the hub cap and the rim. Push the pry bar towards the tire to loosen the clips holding the hub cap to the rim.

Work your way around the wheel using the same technique you used in step 2 to pry off the hub cap, until you can get your hand between the hub cap and the rim. Pull the hub cap off of the wheel.

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