How to install a tumble dryer

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A buyer of a new tumble dryer can choose from many styles and models. Dryers can operate off of either electricity or gas. Gas dryers tend to be more energy efficient over the lifetime of the dryer. Installing a new dryer is a straightforward process of plugging it in and connecting the gas line and dryer exhaust duct.

Attach the dryer vent duct to the rear of the dryer and to the existing dryer wall vent. Slide one end of the duct over the dryer wall vent, and tighten down one of the hose clamps to secure it in place. Stretch the remaining end of the duct hose to the exhaust pipe on the rear of the dryer. Wrap a hose clamp around this connection and tighten it down.

Plug the dryer into the electric socket.

Connect the gas line. If the dryer operates off of gas to heat and dry, then wrap the threads on the male connector on the rear of the dryer with the pipe thread tape. Start at the end and wrap the male connector in a clockwise direction until all the threads are covered. Thread the female connector on the existing gas line to the male connector of the dryer. Tighten the connectors down using the spanner. Turn the gas valve lever to the on position.

Turn the dryer on and test for power.

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