How to Draw Graffiti With a Sharpie

graffiti image by MajusC00L from

Sharpies are permanent markers that come in a variety of colours and can be used over virtually any surface. Using them on paper as art supplies will produce vibrant, bold results. It is for this reason that using Sharpies to draw graffiti is a great choice. You can use the markers to outline the letters and to add brilliant colour as well. If you aren't confident in your graffiti drawing skills, you can always use a picture for a reference.

Sketch the outline of your preferred graffiti letters using a pencil on a piece of drawing paper. Make each bubble letter the same size, pressing them against one another almost as if the entire word was drawn out using a single line. The letters should appear stylised and blend together in traditional graffiti form.

Outline the graffiti word with a black Sharpie marker, making sure all the edges and corners remain smooth and that the outline is the same thickness throughout.

Use different Sharpie markers in the colours of your choice to completely fill in each individual letter within the black outline. The bright colours combined with the bold outline will make the final product look terrific.

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