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How to remove tight torx screws

Torx screws require a tool specifically designed to install and remove them. These screws are most often found joining two metal pieces together. Just like any other screw, removing the Torx screw can sometimes be difficult. Removing a tight Torx screw requires either penetrating oil, a heat application or both. The key to removing the tight Torx screw is not stripping out the specially designed head.

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Spray penetrating oil around the head of the Torx screw, attempting to spray into the ledge under the Torx head. Allow the penetrating oil to soak for an hour.

Apply downward pressure over the Torx screw with the appropriate size Torx driver. Turn the Torx screw clockwise slightly without stripping the head. If you are using a cordless driver with a Torx bit, set the trigger for tightening the screw. Squeeze and release the trigger quickly. Often this is enough to break the hold any rust may have on the threads.

Turn the Torx screw counterclockwise with the Torx driver to remove the screw.

Heat the head of the Torx screw with a hand-held propane torch, if the penetrating oil did not work. Before heating the screw, ensure that there are no wires or other possible fire hazards around the screw. Heat the screw head until it turns slightly orange. Heat will cause the metal to expand and release the threads.

Turn the Torx screw counterclockwise with the Torx driver, avoiding touching the screw directly with your skin.

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Things You'll Need

  • Penetrating oil
  • Torx driver
  • Cordless driver with Torx bits
  • Hand-held propane torch

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