How to Troubleshoot a Senco Collated Screw Gun

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The Senco DuraSpin DS200-S4 collated screw gun is designed to make hanging drywall an easier and faster job. Equipped with a 4,000rpm screwdriver, the DuraSpin can drive screws ranging from 1 to 2 inches in length. Many problems with the DuraSpin can be quickly addressed with a few simple troubleshooting techniques, including checking that accessories are specifically intended for the DuraSpin, as well as making sure that no parts are worn out.

Check the bit if you can not drill the screw into the substrate. If the bit is worn, replace the bit and try drilling the screw again. If the screw is still not being driven into the material, feel your gun. If it shows signs of overheating, the material may require more torque than your model of collating screw gun can supply. Your manual will tell you exactly which materials your gun can penetrate.

Check the screw length setting if the fastener jams. If it's properly set, look at the nose piece. The screw might need tightening. Using very light pressure, depress your nose piece. As you tighten the screw, make sure it's as close to the slidebody as you can get it. If the fastener continues to jam, look at your bit. If it's worn, replace it with a new bit.

Check the controls on your screw gun if you pull the trigger but the screws don't come out. The screw gun should be set on "Forward" before it will work. Otherwise, not only will the screw not advance, you may have permanently damaged the bit.

Pull out the bit if you can't make it drop in properly. Start over by dropping the bit straight down into the driveshaft. Firmly rotate the shaft and push hard. If you are still struggling to make it fit, check the bit itself. It may not be a Senco bit and so is not designed to fit in this particular model.

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