How to Make a Wizard Staff

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A wizard staff is basically a walking staff that has been adorned with designs, stones and other markings that make its special to its owner. Making your own wizard staff is an exercise in carving and woodworking as well as a way to get creative and make yourself a unique accessory.

Those who become very proficient at making wizard staffs can even sell them at gatherings such as a Renaissance fair. Wizard staffs are made from quality hardwood and require only basic tools to make.

Choose your wood wisely. Wizard staffs are made from hardwoods like oak and cedar that resist termites and moulds. Find a relatively straight branch that is free from knotholes and fits your size. The wizard staff should come to about your neck or chin level when standing with it planted in the ground in front of you.

Use the carving knife to strip the branch of bark and any knobs due to smaller branches or twists and turns. Strip the wood in long, straight down strokes, away from your body, to avoid any injuries and to ensure that the finish is smooth.

Once the staff has been stripped of all bark and impurities, use the pumice stone or sandpaper to polish it. Work away any lumps, bumps or remaining knobs that were not peeled off by the knife.

Carve a V- or tri-shaped wedge into the top of the staff. Fit this wedge to hold the crystal orb or semiprecious stone that will adorn the top of your wizard staff. Polish this area off with the pumice stone or sandpaper as well.

Carve any designs that you want into the neck of the staff. Celtic knots, Native American geometrical designs and Nordic runes all make good wizard staff designs.

Paint into the carved designs with your colours of choice. Black paint looks good on lighter woods like oak, while red and white really stand out on dark woods like cedar. Let paint dry thoroughly.

Apply finishing oil all over the staff. Rub the oil deep into the wood, reapplying several times so the wood has a chance to soak it up. Let the oil dry.

Attach the crystal orb or semiprecious stone to the top of your wizard staff and secure in place with the leather straps.