The best way to get dog urine smell out of carpet

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When you have a puppy or dog, it's inevitable that accidents will happen. Young, elderly or ill dogs sometimes are unable to make it outdoors before urinating. When your dog does have an accident on your carpet, the most important part is to clean thoroughly and remove the urine odour. Urine odour left in your carpet will signal to your dog that he may urinate there again. A dog's sense of smell is hundreds of times more sensitive then a human's, according to Dr. Marty Smith, DVM, of Covering odours with perfumed cleaners will only help in the short run whereas complete removal of the urine and treatment of the site will rid your carpet of urine smell.

Remove as much of the dog urine as possible by placing a layer of paper towels on top of the urine stain. Follow this with a thick layer of newspaper, then place another layer of paper towels on top of that. Apply pressure to the layers until you've wicked up as much urine as you can. Discard the paper towels and newspaper as they soak up the urine and replace them with fresh layers. Continue to wick up the urine until there's no further transfer of urine to the paper towels and newspapers.

Saturate the urine stained area with pet odour neutraliser with enzymes. If using a liquid make sure to soak the carpet down to the carpet padding. Sprinkle powdered neutraliser liberally to completely cover the stain. If the powdered neutraliser wicks up urine moisture right away, add more neutraliser until the top portion remains dry.

Cover the neutraliser-soaked carpet with plastic wrap. Press the plastic wrap down with your feet or hands to ensure close contact of the wrap, neutraliser and urine stain in the carpet. Covering the urine stain and neutraliser gives the enzymes in the neutraliser time to break down the odour-causing bacteria, which in turn helps to rid your carpet of dog urine odour. Leave the plastic wrap on your carpet overnight.

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Remove the plastic wrap from your carpet. Vacuum up the neutraliser and remaining dog urine stain and odour.

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