How to make a floral arrangement for an arch

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An arch laden with an abundance of flowers can make a lovely addition to a wedding, outdoor party or other event. Generally, arches are fashioned with wood or metal, and the prospect of attaching an arrangement of flowers to one can seem daunting. Making a floral arrangement for an arch, however, is relatively easy, especially if you come prepared to build the arrangement on site with the right supplies in hand.

Make sure the arch is set up and positioned on the site where you would like it to be during the wedding, party or other event. For the best results, plan to create the arrangement on site, rather than bringing it to the arch already made.

Place an assortment of freshly cut flowers and greens in a water-filled bucket where they can remain hydrated as you assemble the floral arrangement.

Submerge a brick of plastic-backed floral foam in a water-filled bucket until it is completely saturated. Choose floral foam bricks that have a green plastic backing on one side.

Remove the floral foam brick from the water. Determine where on the arch you want to position the floral arrangement; generally, arch floral arrangements are centred at the top of the arch and facing outward where they can be easily seen.

Grab at least two pieces of floral wire. Push the wire through the holes in the plastic backing on the brick of floral foam. Secure the floral foam brick to the arch in the place you desire using the floral wire. Use as many pieces of floral wire as you need to, wrapping it around the wood or metal of the arch, until the floral foam is securely in place. If necessary, stand on a ladder to do this and to complete the rest of floral arrangement.

Pick up a piece of greenery. Trim its stem to your desired length using a floral knife. Insert the greenery into the floral foam. Continue to place greenery in the floral foam. Use greenery as a foundation for the flowers. Let long pieces of greenery drape down from the bottom and sides of the brick of floral foam for a graceful effect. The advantage of creating the arrangement on site is that you can tailor it specifically to echo and flatter the shape and dimensions of the arch. Note that if you are using a ladder you may have to step down periodically to pull more greenery from the bucket.

Select a flower. Trim its stem to your desired length using a floral knife. Push the flower into the floral foam. Continue to fill the floral foam with flowers. Echo the shape of the greenery with the flowers. Drape longer flower stems from the bottom and sides of the floral foam brick for an arch-inspired shape.

Make sure the floral foam, floral foam backing, and floral wire are all completely hidden by flowers and greenery. Step down from the ladder and away from the arch to view the arrangement from a distance.

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