How to Do Cadbury Fundraisers

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Cadbury Fundraising has been successful for a number of years. Cadbury's name, as a trusted vendor of chocolate, makes customers more comfortable as they are buying a product they are familiar with and like. This makes the work of selling the items easier for all involved and tends to garner a higher overall return. It also guarantees you quality product and will give your salespeople confidence when out raising money.

Decide what you are raising money for and who will be the salespeople. Often times it is children who are selling candy for a school trip, a sports organisation, or to travel to a competition. This can be a nice way to supplement the school support and bring down the cost for the individual students.

Get commitments. In order to save yourself from ordering too many boxes, as you have to pay up front, try and get a commitment from all your sales people. Have them pledge how many boxes they think they can sell. You can still pad your purchase to allow for more sales, but then you are less likely to end up spending more than you make. Also, Cadbury allows for orders as small as 15 boxes, so you can always add additional boxes later if the sales are going particularly well.

Order the product. Online, Cadbury offers a very simple order form breaking down the different types of product they have to sell. You can either pick different things or stock up on one particular type. They suggest you sell the product for double what you pay for it, so for every dollar you spend, you will make a dollar.

Choose where to store the product. Before your chocolate arrives, make sure you have a nice, cool place to store any chocolate that might not be handed out right away. Also determine how people will pick up their boxes, whether you will bring them to the salespeople or they will come and pick them up.

Sign out the boxes. Create so you can easily track who has boxes and how much money or candy they owe when turning everything back in. For all the candy checked out, the salesperson will owe you a certain amount of money or combination of money and candy back at the end of the sale as to account for the inventory.

Allow for distributing more candy. If certain sales people meet their goals and wish to continue selling allow for them to come and check out more boxes of candy, collecting the monies already owed at that time.

Set up a table. This can be done at a game, grocery store or even at school lunch. With permission from the locale, consider gathering a group of salespeople to spend a few hours selling directly to passersby.

Collect the money. Set a date for the sale to end and within a week make the funds due. If you chose to collect checks, deposit the money and write one check for the cause or turn over cash depending on how the monies are best delivered.

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