How to care for sweet pea plants

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Sweet peas are climbing annuals that stand out in flower gardens due to their bright, vibrant colours. These colours include red, pink, lavender, yellow and white. Sweet peas can grow as tall as 3 metres (10 feet) in height, although some only reach about 75 cm (30 inches).

Regular care and maintenance is necessary for the flower to thrive in your garden.

Make sure your sweet pea plants are receiving full sun. They also do best in soil with good drainage.

Water sweet pea plants early in the day to prevent fungus, which may grow if the leaves are still wet during the night. The plants need regular watering during the summer.

Keep mulch around the base of the plant. Composted manure works well as a mulch for sweet peas.

Set up a trellis in your garden for the sweet pea plants to climb and use for support.

Dispose of dead or yellowing flowers to ensure that the plant will continue to produce more fresh blooms.

Fertilise plants every two to four weeks. If you don't want to keep up with regular fertilising, you can use a 20-20-20 slow release fertiliser at the time of planting.

Rotate planting location every year. Ideally, you would grow your sweet peas in the same location once every four years.