Driftwood Crafts

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If you have ever walked along a beach, you have probably noticed assorted pieces of wood lying about. These pieces may be from ships and boats or other pieces of wood that find their way to the ocean. After being worked over many times by the sea and sand they wash up on shore, often smooth with numerous holes. Collect driftwood to make any number of crafts such as photo holders and nautical wreaths.

Home Decor

Make crafts using driftwood for around the home such as driftwood photo holders. Simply use tacky glue to attach photos at various points to a piece of driftwood. Use driftwood that will stay upright in a certain position for best results. Create driftwood wreaths using a foam or wire wreath frame and gluing pieces of driftwood in any desired pattern all around the frame. Another option is to make driftwood boxes for housing small items -- use a wooden base and stack small pieces of driftwood around its perimeter using tacky glue.

Kids Crafts

Kids crafts using driftwood include driftwood "monsters." The nature of the craft allows you to be as creative as you want. Arrange pieces of driftwood in various sizes until you are satisfied with the shape. Glue the pieces together with tacky glue and paint the creature as desired. Add googly eyes and other embellishments such as pipe cleaner antennae. Make bead and driftwood mobiles using a thick piece of driftwood as the base and attached beaded string in various colours and patterns to the base with tacky glue. Also try gluing pieces of driftwood to plain frames and adding sea glass and seashells as desired.

Art Projects

Create driftwood sculpture pieces using other nautical items. Take a large piece of driftwood with a flat bottom (sand the bottom if you have to) and glue assorted sea-inspired pieces to it such as small pine cones, beach glass, clear glass orbs, sea grass and seashells. You can also start with a wood base and stack small pieces of driftwood on it. Allow to dry before adding nautical touches. Another option is to use pieces of driftwood with holes and crevices for sticking fresh and dried flowers in.

Christmas Crafts

Create Santa ornaments out of strips of driftwood. Sand driftwood strips as needed to create a flat surface. Paint a Santa hat and face at the top of the piece and use the rest for painting Santa beards. Add a hook to the top of the craft to complete it. This idea can also be used to create snowmen, elves, Wise Men or any other Christmas design. Make small driftwood Christmas trees using a scrap wood base and a dowel or rebar. Drill holes into pieces of driftwood and slip them onto the dowel starting from the longest pieces and working your way up.

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