How to Fix the Audio Delay for a Bose 321

The Bose 321 is a DVD home entertainment system. Sometimes while playing one of your DVDs, you may notice the video and audio are out of sync, so perhaps a person's lips are moving after you hear the spoken words. Adjusting the audio delay for a Bose 321 is a quick and easy fix.

Press the "Settings" button on your Bose 321 remote. The "Settings" menu will appear on screen.

Scroll down until you see an icon for "Audio Delay" and press "Enter." The "Audio Delay" icon looks the same as your volume control icon on your PC taskbar.

Make an adjustment. The lowest adjustment level is 1 and 8 is the highest. Each adjustment level makes a slight adjustment. It could be difficult to notice any changes, but play your movie again to see what difference has been made in the syncing. If needed, make further adjustments and test the change again until the audio and video are in sync.

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