How to Check Ink Levels in an HP Color LaserJet 2550

The HP LaserJet 2550 uses powdered toner ink to print on pages as they pass through the machine. When the ink in the printer runs low, the printed pages may come out lighter than usual or with spotty print quality. You can avoid having to reprint documents if you keep an eye on the ink level in the LaserJet 2550. In a few steps you can obtain a printout that tells you not only the ink levels but also the condition of the printer’s imaging drum.

Check to see if the LaserJet 2550 is turned on. If it isn't, press the power button and let the printer warm up before proceeding.

Press the green “Go” button and the yellow “Cancel Job” button simultaneously. Both buttons are on the printer’s control panel.

Wait as the printer generates a “Supplies Status” printout. Read the left side of the page, which shows the percentage of the cartridge that is filled with ink and gives an estimated number of pages the toner will be able to print.

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