How to Repair a Sofa Leg

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A broken sofa leg can cause your couch to wobble, creak, and generally just be uncomfortable. In most households, people spend a good bit of their time in the living room on the couch. Since putting off a repair job can cause your leisure time to suffer, it's best to take charge of the situation and just fix the leg. Do some investigating first, gather a few tools together, and in no time at all your sofa will be fixed right up.

Flip the couch over so you can inspect the damage. Compare the broken leg to the other sofa legs to see what the damage is.

Inspect the sofa leg to see how it is attached to the couch. It will be either a hanger-bolt type or a screw-mount type. The first kind has a screw attached to the top of the leg and screws into the couch frame. The second is attached to the sofa frame by screws that can be removed with a screwdriver.

Remove the broken leg by hand or with a screwdriver. If it is difficult to unscrew, apply a small amount of spray lubricant to the screw threads and allow it to soak for about five minutes, then try again.

Apply acrylic glue to the leg if it is cracked or damaged only slightly. Otherwise, the sofa leg should be replaced.

Attach the new sofa leg to the frame of the couch by hand or with a screwdriver. As long as the old screw holes are not stripped, use the same holes. If the holes have been stripped, either move the leg outward (away from the middle of the couch) or use a tap and die set to rethread the holes to fit the new screw.

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