How to Make a Surgical Tubing Gun

A water gun is a lot of fun to use and proves that not every toy needs to run off of batteries or have electronic components. Making your own water gun, or "Water Weenie" from surgical tubing will let you quickly join the ranks of warriors using homemade water guns. The surgical tubing can be from a surgical supply shop and the other components needed can be found around the house or at a hardware store.

Put some newspaper down on a table. Tie a knot at one end of the surgical tubing. Put the surgical tubing down on the newspaper.

Unscrew the disposable ink pen and discard the internal components. Screw the disposable ink pen back together.

Insert the ink pen with the point facing out into the end of the surgical tubing that does not have the knot tied in it. Stop inserting the disposable ink pen into the surgical tubing when the disposable ink pen is firmly seated into the surgical tubing.

Wrap the zip tie around the end of the surgical tubing which has the disposable ink pen in it. Put the zip tie end into the zip tie connector and pull tightly.

Hold the tip of the disposable ink pen that is at the end of the surgical tubing against the garden hose nozzle. Turn on the water faucet connected to the garden hose. Take the disposable ink pen away from the garden hose once the surgical tubing has been filled with water.

Squeeze the surgical tubing with one hand while aiming the tip of the disposable ink pen at a target. Your surgical tubing gun will fire and soak the target with water.

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