How to remove chewing gum from suede

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Chewing gum is made from a form of synthetic rubber mixed with sugar and flavourings. When you get gum on your suede furniture, jacket or shoes, it is easy to remove it when you understand the properties of the chewing gum. Chewing gum softens when heated and hardens when frozen.

Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes. The idea is to freeze the chewing gum on the suede. Do not try to scrape it when it is soft. It will create more mess and be tougher to clean. It is better to put the ice cubes in a plastic bag to avoid getting water on the suede.

Place the ice cubes bag on the chewing gum on the suede. Leave the bag on the gum for 15 minutes to freeze the gum. Leave the ice bag longer if the gum still looks soft.

Remove the ice bag from the chewing gum. The gum should look hard and frozen. Use a putty knife and gently scrape the chewing gum. It should come off easily without damaging the fabric. If you find that the chewing gum is getting softer as you scrape, stop scraping and place the ice bag on the gum and freeze it for some more time.

Make sure that you scrape off the chewing gum completely. Examine the surface for stains from the colouring and the flavouring agent in the gum.

Use a suede stain remover to treat the stains left by the chewing gum. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the stain remover to treat the stains.

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