How to Use a Schwinn Air Pump Switch Blade

When bicycle tires, sports balls and inflatable toys need a little air, a floor or hand pump is an invaluable asset. Perhaps most famous for their bicycles, Schwinn also produces a line of air pumps. Some pumps are handheld, and others must be placed upright on the floor for use. The latter design features a "switchblade" nozzle that attaches to the valve and locks in place. Before beginning inflation, always check your item for its recommended psi (pounds-per-square inch). This will prevent you from over- or under-inflating the item.

Remove the plastic valve cap if you are inflating a tire.

Push the lever on the pump head down so that it’s parallel to the pump’s hose. If you’re inflating an item (such as sports ball or toy) that requires a pump head attachment, fit the attachment to the head now. These attachments will have come with your Schwinn pump.

Attach the pump head to the valve of the item you're inflating. If inflating a bicycle tire, be sure to match the correct nozzle with the valve. Bicycle tires generally feature either Presta (thin) or Schrader (thick) valves. Presta valves has a locknut at the tip that must be loosened before inflating the tire.

Flip the pump head lever upright to lock the head onto the valve. Begin pumping. Once the item is properly inflated (check the inflation gauge on your pump), turn the pump head lever back down and lift the head from the valve.

Close the locknut (for Presta valves) and replace any valve caps that were removed.

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