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2008 Fusion Door Panel Removal

When completing some repair tasks on your 2008 Ford Fusion, such as repairing the rear-view mirror assembly or the window assembly, you may need to remove the inside door panel. Although this may seem like a daunting task, it can be completed by just about anyone with some car repair experience. The process of removing an inside door panel on a 2008 Ford Fusion typically takes less than an hour.

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Lift the door handle, bezel-screw cover with the blade of a flat head screwdriver. Remove the inside door handle bezel screw.

Lift up on the back of the inside door-handle bezel to remove it from the door assembly. Disconnect the electrical connection between the bezel and the door assembly.

Lift off the cover concealing the front door-handle screw. Remove the door-handle screw.

Remove the upper and lower screws holding the inside door trim to the remainder of the door assembly.

Pull out on the door-trim panel to release it from the pin connectors. Disconnect the electrical connection between the door trim and the outer-door assembly.


Place all door screws and screw covers in a sealable plastic bag so you don't lose them while performing other repairs.

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Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

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