How to Delete in Progress Time Warner Cable

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Time Warner Cable's DVR lets you record all of your favourite movies and television shows, and it lets you change your mind at a moment's notice. If you decide you would rather not record a program that is currently recording, you can stop the recording and delete the program, all at the same time. Be sure you don't want the recording before you delete it. Once you delete a program from your DVR, you can't get it back. There are two different methods of deleting a recording in progress, depending on what type of DVR you have.

Tune your cable box to the program you wish to delete using the channel buttons on your remote control.

Press the "Stop" button, which is marked by a square.

Use the up and down arrows to highlight "Stop and erase" if a scroll menu pops up. Press the "Select" button to stop and delete the recording.

Press the yellow "A" button if three options appear along the bottom of your screen. This will stop and delete your recording in progress.

Press the "Info" button on your remote control. When the info banner pops up along the bottom of your screen, check to make sure the "Recording now" icon is not present. Also, look to see if the red recording light has turned off on the cable box.

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