How to Make Play Police Badges

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A play police badge encourages a child's imagination and lends realism to a classic game of childhood.

Whether your child wants to be a sheriff in the Wild West or an officer on a more modern police force, you can put together a play badge appropriate for use during everyday playtime or with a police officer Halloween costume.

Draw an oval or the shape of a shield onto the cardboard. Carefully cut out around the outline.

Write the words "Police Officer" on the surface of the cardboard, with the word "Police" at the top and "Officer" at the bottom. Press hard enough with the pencil to create deep grooves in the cardboard along the lines of the letters. Draw a star shape in between the two words, pressing down hard as with the letters.

Wrap the badge in aluminium foil, smoothing it over the front of the badge and pressing it carefully into the grooves made by the letters and the star. Use your fingers or the eraser end of the pencil, working slowly to avoid tearing the foil. Glue the foil at the back of the badge to hold it in place.

Write over the indented letters with the black marker to make them stand out even more. Allow the ink to dry.

Glue the safety pin to the back of the badge with the pin part out so that your child can attach the badge to his or her shirt.