2004 Honda Civic Door Panel Removal

If you own a 2004 Honda Civic, and you prefer to handle car repairs yourself, you will eventually need to take off the door panel to complete a repair. Removing the door panel is necessary for some window, lock and speaker repairs.

Fortunately, removing the door panel on a 2004 Honda Civic is a simple task that can be completed by just about anyone with a bit of automotive repair experience.

Lift the plastic cover on the front of the armrest with a flat-blade screwdriver. Underneath the cover, there are two screws securing the armrest to the door. Remove the screws. Do not remove the screws that secure the window switch to the door.

Slide out the plastic insert at the top of the door handle. Remove the screw underneath the insert.

Gently pry the inside door panel from the plastic grabbers along the top and sides of the door with a screwdriver. Lift the panel up and away from the door.