How to Replace a Belt in a Hotpoint Washing Machine

Hotpoint is one of the appliance brands manufactured by General Electric. Hotpoint washing machines have different sets of features that vary from model to model. Each model uses the same type of motor and pulley system to control the tub. The pulley system is connected by a rubber belt that rotates the tub. If the belt wears out or breaks, the tub will not rotate properly. Replace the belt to keep the Hotpoint washing machine working properly.

Disconnect the power cord from the outlet. Turn off the hot and cold water faucets.

Remove the screws along the edge of the rear panel. Lift the rear panel away from the washing machine.

Unhook the clip holding the water pump to the cabinet. Move the water pump to the side to allow access to the belt.

Loosen the bolts connecting the motor to the motor carriage. Do not completely remove the bolts.

Slide the old belt off the two pulleys.

Position the new belt around the motor pulley and transmission pulley. Tighten the bolts on the motor carriage to create tension in the belt.

Reposition the water pump. Hook the clip onto the pump holding it to the cabinet.

Replace the rear panel to the washer cabinet. Replace the screws holding the panel to the cabinet.

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