Instructions to Set a Seiko World Clock

Seiko world time clocks use Global R-Wave technology to pick up the atomic time signal broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado. With the help of the atomic time signal, your Seiko world clock allows you to view the time in 47 different locations around the world by selecting the desired location on the clock's touch sensor screen. Despite all of its impressive features, the Seiko world clock is a user-friendly timepiece that is simple to set.

Locate the three buttons labelled "A", "B" and "C" on the back of your Seiko world clock.

Hold the clock's "A", "B" and "C" buttons for two seconds to reset your Seiko world clock to its factory settings.

Touch the desired time zone on the front of your Seiko world clock to set the time to that zone.

Press the "A" button on your Seiko world clock to begin setting the time. Touch the "B" button to set the seconds on your clock to zero.

Set the minutes on your Seiko world clock by pressing the "A" button to advance the setting selection to the minutes place. Press or hold down the "B" button until the desired minute value is displayed.

Continue to use the "A" button to advance the setting selection. Advance the numbers to the desired time using the "B" button. Repeat this process to set the hours, day, month, year and time format on your Seiko world clock.

Press the "C" button to exit time-setting mode when you're finished setting your Seiko world clock.

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