How to make a cigar with paper

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A fake cigar comes in handy as a prop for a play, part of a fancy dress costume, a gag gift for an expectant father -- or make a batch of them as party favours for a stag party or baby shower. To create a paper cigar, you only need a few items from an arts and craft shop and a few minutes. By copying the colour of actual cigars, you can make a useful fake one -- the smoke-free, cancer-free version.

Fold a sheet of newspaper lengthwise to the desired length of the cigar. You can fold the page in half and keep folding to get the right size, or cut off the extra paper. Make the cigar a realistic size or go larger for a prop or gag item. Roll the newspaper from top to bottom until it reaches the desired thickness. Cut off any extra newspaper.

Tape the newspaper roll. Attach the tape 2.5 cm (1 inch) from each end so it doesn't unroll.

Tear strips of brown or khaki tissue paper. Apply glue in a stripe up both sides of the newspaper roll. Pour glue into a jar lid and work with a cotton wool ball to apply the glue. This allows more control and reduces mess. Glue the tissue paper strips to the newspaper roll in a spiral. Start at one end and wind a strip of tissue paper around the roll to the tip, cut or tear the strip of tissue paper and glue the end down.

Wind more strips of tissue paper to cover the newspaper roll and make it the thickness and texture you want.

Add a wrinkled-up wad of grey tissue paper to the tip for ash, or glue on orange cellophane for a glowing tip. For the ash, crumple some tissue paper and make it the same thickness as the cigar. Glue it to the tip. For the glowing tip, cut a circle of cellophane 2.5 cm (1 inch) wider than the tip of the cigar and glue its edges around the tip of the cigar.

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