How to put Christmas lights in a wine bottle

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A simple wine bottle filled with Christmas lights makes a stunning piece of dim mood lighting. This item need not be relegated to the holiday season and can instead be used year round as a regular feature in your home or for special occasions. A collection of lighted wine bottles will make a stunning display on a shelf or end table. This is an ideal project for attractive bottles that you want to keep on display.

Rinse out an empty wine bottle with warm water. Keep the label dry if you want it to remain on the bottle. If not, wet the label thoroughly and peel off. Allow the bottle to dry overnight before proceeding.

Place a piece of masking tape on the back of the bottle where the lights will be protruding from the piece. This should be about 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the bottom of the bottle and on the opposite side of the area that you want to be displayed. The masking tape should be large enough to cover the entire 1.25 cm (1/2-inch) round area where you will be drilling your hole.

Put on gloves, long sleeves and goggles to protect you hands and face while drilling into the glass bottle. If you drill into the glass too fast, it may shatter and you will need to be protected from the flying glass. Keep pets and children away from your workspace.

Drill a hole into the wine bottle with a 1.25 cm (1/2-inch) glass drill bit. Apply a minimal amount of pressure to keep the bottle from cracking.

Remove the masking tape from around the finished hole.

Thread a string of Christmas lights up into the wine bottle through the hole you created. Stick a crochet needle in through the top of the bottle to catch the strands and pull them upward, filling the bottle evenly.

Replace the wine cork, or put a decorative stopper in the top of the bottle, if desired. Tie a bow or raffia around the neck of the bottle for additional decoration. You can affix a bunch of plastic grapes, silk flowers or other embellishments to the neck of the bottle as well.

Plug the end of the Christmas lights into a socket to turn on your lighted wine bottle.

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