Homemade Farmer Costume Ideas

Farmer image by Benjamin Huseman from Fotolia.com

A homemade farmer costume is a simple costume that you may be able to throw together using items from your closet. Look for old clothing to make the costume as a dirty or worn appearance will enhance the overall effect. If you would like to give the clothes a dirty appearance but the thought of wearing dirty clothing repulses you, apply a little brown shoe polish to a rag and rub it into the fabric.

Scour your closet for an old pair of denim overalls. If you don't own overalls, look for a pair at a thrift store. They do not have to fit properly as a slightly too large pair of overalls will work just fine.

Pair the overalls with a plaid flannel shirt. This is another item you can find at a thrift store if you cannot locate one in your own wardrobe.

Wear a trucker hat or a wide brimmed straw hat. Farmers spend a great deal of time working outdoors and need a good hat to protect them from the sun.

Tie a bandanna loosely around your neck or tuck it halfway into the front pocket on your overalls.

Equip trick-or-treating farmers with a shiny metal milk bucket to collect their treats.

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