How to Reset an iPod When Frozen

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The iPod, whether it's the iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic or Touch, runs off of Apple's iPod software that occasionally malfunctions, has glitches and causes the device to freeze. Resetting the iPod is akin to restarting your computer and can help clear any software problems and unlock a frozen iPod. You can reset the iPod anywhere and anytime without needing any special software or having to connect it to a computer.

Push the iPod Shuffle's power switch to the off position. Locate the switch on the back of the iPod Shuffle (1st generation) or on the top of the device (2nd and 3rd generation).

Wait for five seconds.

Slide the switch back to the on position so that the Shuffle's green stripe is displayed. The device has been reset.

Push the hold switch, located on the top of the device, to the on position and then back to the off position.

Press the iPod's centre button and the top of its scroll wheel simultaneously.

Wait for eight seconds or until the Apple logo displays on the device's screen. The iPod Nano or iPod Classic is now reset.

Press the sleep/wake button on the iPod Touch, located on the top right edge of the device.

Push its home button simultaneously. The button is located on the iPod Touch's front panel.

Wait for 10 seconds, releasing the buttons when the iPod displays the Apple logo. The iPod Touch is now reset.

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