How to Cut a Stainless Steel Plate

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Stainless steel sheet metal plate is a durable sheet metal. The thickness of the metal varies, but it is possible to cut thicknesses of half an inch or less with most throatless metal shears.

A hand-operated shear will perform the cut more slowly than electric shears, but you have more control with the hand-operated shears. Throatless shears do not have a back guard on the shears, which means you can cut the metal from nearly any angle. This is ideal for cutting intricate designs and rounded corners.

Mark the design that you want to cut on the metal with a permanent marker. You can also use a washable marker if you want, but the permanent marker will wipe off with the use of window cleaner. Since the cutting blade is throatless, you can add relatively complex designs to the metal.

Put on the gloves and protective eyewear to protect your skin from metal shards. There are not likely to be any shards from this method of cutting sheet metal, but it is always better to prepare for any possibility.

Open the shears and place the metal between the blades. You can approach the cut from any angle, due to the construction of the shears.

Slowly lower the cutting arm over the metal. Make sure your arms and any clothing are well away from the cutting blades before adding any pressure to the cutting arm. Press firmly on the lever to make the cut.

Open the shears, remove the metal and turn it to the next desired angle to make the next cut. If you have an intricate design that you want to cut out, or a rounded design, it can be helpful to cut out a rough square around the desired design, then cut in closer around the design once the bulk of the metal is out of the way.