Can I Use a Clay Pot on an Induction Cooktop?

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Safe, energy-saving and easy to clean, induction cooktops come with many benefits. However, one limitation of induction cooking involves cookware choice. Certain materials, like clay, do not work with induction cooktops.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops work through the use of electricity and magnets. The heating elements of an induction cooktop produce a high-frequency electromagnetic field when turned on. This electromagnetic current passes through the base of the pot or pan on the activated element, generating enough heat to cook foods and liquids.

Clay Pots

Clay pots do not work on induction cooktops. Cookware used for induction cooktops must be magnetic and have a flat bottom. Ceramic and other clays have no magnetic properties and, therefore, cannot conduct the electromagnetic current produced by the elements of the induction cooktop.

Other Cookware

Induction cooktops also fail to work with cookware made of aluminium, copper and glass, because none of these materials possess magnetism. Cast iron and 18/0 stainless steel do work on induction cooktops, though, because both materials have magnetic capabilities. To test cookware for compatibility with induction cooktops, take an ordinary magnet and see whether it clings to the base of the cookware in question.

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