DIY: Makeup Vanity

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A make-up vanity is a place where people can sit and apply their make-up, a convenient spot where all of the items they'll need can be stored. Making a make-up vanity is easy and is a thrifty alternative to purchasing a vanity from a furniture store, where similar items can be pricey. The vanity can be pulled together with some basic items you may already have on hand and can be a rewarding and fun project.

Find an old dresser you can convert into the main table part of the make-up vanity. Remove all of the drawers except for the top one and use a hammer to bust away any slider parts left behind from the drawers. Cut the legs off of the dresser to the proper height for your seating.

Smooth the entire surface of the dresser with sandpaper until you have just the raw wood left behind. Apply a wood stain to the dresser with the proper paint brush and let dry.

Move the vanity to its desired location, placing it flush against a wall. Lay a decorative scarf over it or a glass tabletop.

Hang a wall mirror on the wall over the table using a hammer and nails. Make sure it is low enough that you can see yourself when seated in front of the table.

Place a table lamp on either side of the vanity so you have proper lighting. Tuck a stool against the table to create a seat. Fill the top drawer of the vanity with your make-up and brushes.

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