How to Clean Little Tikes Plastic Toys

Since 1970, the Little Tikes Company has manufactured a wide range of indoor and outdoor children's products. Little Tikes plastic toys include pretend toys such as plastic tools, riding toys such as rocking horses, teeter-totters, trikes and cycles, learning toys, play trucks, blocks and furniture.

As children often encounter a wide variety of materials during play, it is extremely important to clean Little Tikes toys regularly—not only to remove dirt or food particles but also bacteria, germs, mould and other harmful particles clinging to the plastic surfaces.

Prep your cleaning materials. Fill a bucket with hot water and mild detergent. Add enough detergent to make the water soapy. Drop a sponge, a lint-free microfiber cloth and a soft-bristled brush in the bucket.

Wash the first toy. Use the sponge or microfiber cloth to wash all of the toy’s plastic surfaces. If you’re dealing with tough stains, rub at the stains gently in a circular motion with the soft-bristled brush.

Rinse the toy thoroughly to remove any soap residues. Rinse under running tap water or spray from a garden hose.

Dry the toy completely. Wipe all surfaces with lint-free microfiber cloths or air-dry in indirect sunlight.

Repeat with other toys as needed.