How to Clean Silver-Plated Cutlery

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Silver-plated cutlery requires polishing and cleaning from time to time. Whether you use silver cutlery regularly, or you just get it out once in a blue moon, it will tarnish. Getting the tarnish off silverware, and keeping it sparkling clean isn't all that difficult. In fact, with a few basic household items, your silver-plated cutlery will look top notch.

Fill a bowl with warm water and a drop or two of dish soap. Put the silver-plated cutlery in the bowl of soapy water.

Use the sponge to scrub any dirt and debris from the silverware. Then, take each piece of silverware out of the soapy water and set it on a dry towel.

Line a bowl or baking dish with aluminium foil. Place the foil shiny-side up, dull-side down. Place all of the silver-plated cutlery in the foil-lined dish.

Pour warm water over top of the silverware into the foil-lined bowl. The water should just cover the silverware.

Add baking soda to the water. Keep adding baking soda until the water begins to fizz.

Remove the silver-plated cutlery from the water when the water stops fizzing. Take each piece out of the water one at a time, and dry it with a clean, soft cloth.

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