Directions for Making Lined Curtains

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Many benefits exist for making lined curtains. You are guaranteeing the curtains will fit over your windows, and adding a simple liner to the curtains will ensure they'll last a long time. The liner will protect the fabric from discolouration because of sun exposure. The curtains can be made pretty easily if you know how to use a sewing machine well, with the project taking less than a day to complete.

Use scissors to cut fabric according to the measurements of the window you'd like to cover. Add an extra four inches to the width and two inches to the length when measuring the fabric so after you hem it, the curtain isn't too small for the window.

Cut the liner fabric using the same dimensions as the curtain, but add half of the extra inches for hems to both the width and length of the liner.

Fold the edges of the curtain fabric inward on each side of the curtain, about an inch and-a-half. Use sewing pins to secure the fold as you work your way around the perimeter. Do the same thing with the liner fabric.

Press the folds down with a steam iron, using an ironing board to keep the curtain flat. Use a piece of protective fabric between the iron and the liner fabric when pressing it to prevent it from getting damaged if the liner fabric is extra delicate.

Sew the ironed folds down for both pieces of fabric in a straight and steady line, using a sewing machine threaded with matching thread. The seam should be about a half-inch in from the edge of the folds.

Use scissors to free the curtain and the liner from the sewing machine after you knot the ends.

Align the top edge of the liner with the top edge of the curtain, allowing the extra space on each side to be evenly split Secure with sewing pins and sew the two pieces together with a seam about a half-inch from the top edge.

Attach clip-on curtain rings across the top, making sure the fabric is hanging evenly and the rings are placed evenly. The rings have easy-to-use clips secured to the bottom, allowing users to clamp the rings onto the fabric.

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