How to get rid of back fat in a wedding dress

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The bride's wedding day is vastly important to her, whether the wedding is large and everyone she knows is invited or it is small and intimate with a few family members. Wedding dresses come in all shapes, sizes and styles. One of the fears of a bride is that her back fat will show. Back fat bulging over straps and bodices is not attractive. You can hide or prevent back fat from showing through your wedding dress by using a few simple tricks.

Exercise to reduce or remove back fat. Concentrate on cardio exercise in addition to toning as cardio exercises help you tone up all over and reduce the total amount of body fat. Do this several months and up to a year before the wedding to reduce your back fat.

Walk 20 or 30 minutes a day. Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight. Walk to get your blood flowing and increase the oxygen levels in your body, both of which promote weight loss.

Eat healthy, low-fat foods. Eat several small meals a day to increase your metabolism and expedite the process of losing weight and back fat.

Drink a lot of water. Replace your sugary or caloric drinks with water. Keep track to see how much weight you can lose by drinking only water. Surprise yourself when after eliminating soda from your diet for only a week or two that you have lost a few pounds, some of it off your back.

Eat your meals at regular times each day Make sure to eat at least two hours before you go to bed each night. Do not eat right before going to sleep.

Wear a specialised bra or girdle that is constructed to get rid of back fat. Take your wedding dress to a bridal shop or the intimate apparel department at your favourite clothing store and try these on before purchasing. Make sure your wedding dress covers the entire bra or girdle.

Purchase a wedding dress that has a full back if you are still uncomfortable with the appearance of back fat.

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