How to Reset a Home Alarm Code

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Home alarms have two groups of codes. The master code, sometimes called “User Code 1,” is assigned to the master user of the system, and that master user can assign codes to other users, such as family members. All the codes can be different and are usually four digit numbers. The master code is set as a default at the factory and can be reset to whatever code is convenient and easy to remember.

Enter the "User Settings" menu while the alarm is in the disarmed state. All alarm systems are slightly different, so consult the user guide that came with your alarm for details. But often you press the “Next” button until “User Settings” or something similar shows on the display.

Enter the master code to gain access to the system’s programming. If this is the first time you have used "User Settings," use the default code, which is often 1111 or 1234.

Scroll through the options by pressing “Next” until you get to “Set User Codes.” Press the “OK” or “Enter” button until “User Code 1” shows on the display. This is the master code. Enter your choice of code using the keypad. Press “Enter” and the code will be confirmed.

Press “Next” and “User Code 2” will show on the display. Enter a code for that user and press “Enter.” The code will be confirmed

Continue using the same procedure until you can’t enter any more codes or you have entered all the codes you want to.

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