How to Hang Large Posters with Wallpaper Paste

Posters can make a colourful addition to a room. Posters can hang in a frame or be applied directly to the wall like wallpaper. For a bold, layered look, you can paper an entire wall with posters that overlap at the edges. The best way to hang large posters is using wallpaper paste for a more secure hold. If desired, a frame can be glued or nailed directly to the wall to outline the poster. Hanging large posters directly on the wall involves preparing the wall and attaching the poster to the wall.

Prepare the area of the wall where the poster will hang. The wall needs to have a smooth finish. If the wall is textured, sand the hanging area until the wall is smooth.

Wipe the hanging area with a damp sponge to remove sanding dust and any other dirt or oils from the wall. Allow the wall to dry completely.

Prime the hanging area with wallpaper primer. Allow the primer to dry completely.

Apply wallpaper paste to the back of the poster with a sponge brush. Apply a thin coat over every square inch of the back of the poster.

Take one end of the poster and fold it over until the ends touch with the pasted sides touching each other. Be careful not to fold so hard you create a crease in the middle. Wait two minutes, and then unfold the poster.

Place the poster on the hanging area. Use a rag, sponge or wallpaper roller to smooth the poster and remove air bubbles.

Clean excess glue from the wall and the poster with a damp rag.

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