How to Find an ABA Routing Number

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Your account's routing transit number identifies your bank. People sometimes call this number your ABA number or ABA routing number after the American Bankers Association. Electronic wire transfers require your routing number to process. The number appears on your checks.

Identify your check number. The check number appears at the top of the check. It usually contains four digits and may begin with a zero, for example: 0108

Locate your check number at the bottom of the check. This number may appear at the beginning or at the end of the string of digits, or it may appear in the middle.

Cross out the check number. If you'd rather not deface the check, cover the check number or just mentally separate it. Two strings of numbers now remain at the bottom of the check. One will contain nine digits.

Identify the nine-digit string. This is your routing number. It usually appears on the left of the bottom string. The remaining digits, other than your routing number and the check number, form your account number.

Confirm your account number. Locate your account number on a statement or through online banking. If it matches the account number you identified on the check, you correctly found your routing number.

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