How to Reset an Accenta G3 House Alarm

The Accenta G3 is a home alarm system capable of detecting an intruder as well as smoke and fire with the proper system attachments. In most cases, following an alert, a simple procedure resets the system to its normal state.

Some scenarios may require you to contact the alarm service centre to receive an additional reset code.

Go to a system keypad, either the main controller or remote keypad (RKP), and press the "Reset" button. If the trouble-indication lights go out ("Attack", "Zone" or "Tamper"), and the "Day" indicator light comes on, then the alarm is reset and ready for normal operation.

If all of the indicator lights became solidly lit after the "Reset" button was pressed, and the keypad stops responding to input, then the alarm has entered a lockout mode. Contact the service centre, as this mode must be directly reset by the service centre or a technician.

If the indicator lights are flashing (NOT solidly lit) after pressing "Reset", then the alarm can be reset by entering an "anti-code". This is an additional security measure that first requires you to provide the service centre with a unique code that is specific to your alarm.

To retrieve your unique alarm code, press the "Reset" button again. Using the zone indicator display, the system will display four numbers in sequence (each number will be followed by a beep). Write down this four-digit number.

(You may press "Reset" again if you missed the sequence the first time.)

Contact the alarm service centre, and provide the four-digit code from your alarm. They will give you a six-digit anti-code to reset the alarm.

Enter the six-digit anti-code provided by the service centre into the alarm keypad. The system should now be reset to normal.