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How to track down a vehicle owner

Updated February 21, 2017

There are several ways to locate a vehicle owner using either the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) or number plate number.

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  1. Locate the VIN, which is printed along the inside of the car's door frame. If you cannot open the car door, the VIN is also located on the dashboard near the windshield.

  2. Copy down the number plate number. Make sure the plates are current by checking the registration year sticker on the corner of the plates. You will only be able to locate an owner using the current number plate tags.

  3. Visit a reverse VIN or number plate research website like This service gives you the owner information from the current number plate or VIN. You can also go to a complete car history report site like This will list the vehicle owner information along with the car's accident history, and it is less expensive.

  4. Tip

    Search for the person using a people finding service like or the white pages if the address information on your report is not up to date.

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