How to design flower corner wedding invitations

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Many couples nowadays opt for creating their own wedding invitations. Whether the driving motivation is to save money, demonstrate individuality or even to showcase the couple's own talents, all can be accomplished by self-designing the invite. Flower corner invitations are among the ever-traditional, always-in-style kind of design, and pulling off the design does not have to be hard. With a few steps, practically anyone can create a flower corner arrangement perfectly suited for a wedding invitation.

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Select a computer graphic editor and click to open the program. If applicable, create a new file and customise the dimensions according to your wedding-invitation preferences. At the very least, the invitation need be smaller than your selected envelope to ensure a proper fit.

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Decide what type of flower pattern you wish to employ. Even after you have settled on featuring a flower corner design, you still have the choice of designing four non-touching corner creations, a top embellishment and a bottom embellishment, a left-hand creation, a right-hand creation, or so on.

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Create or insert flower shapes, arranging the individual graphics as desired; graphic designers can create their own flowers from start to finish, but others may be interested in simply locating pre-made flowers and inserting them accordingly. Start by inserting a vine or leaf pattern and overlay a variety of flower graphics according to your tastes. Select shapes you like, disregarding colour conflicts which can be assuaged later.

Recolor particular objects as needed. Using the effects and tools located in your specific editing program, select and recolor clip art and graphics to coordinate the images and unify your invitation. Add your text, save the file, and order professional prints which can be stuffed in stamped-and-addressed envelopes.

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