How to Put Air in an Inflatable Pool

An inflatable pool can be an instant hit with any family as well as a money-saver over in-ground pools. For a fraction of the price, an inflatable pool can provide the same cooling benefits as in-ground pools without the permit hassles and permanent loss of yard space. Plus, it's easy to continually upgrade the pool size to meet the needs of your family. But before you can enjoy your new inflatable pool you have to inflate it.

Lay the inflatable pool flat over a smooth piece of ground. You want to make sure your pool is lying over a flat piece of land that is free of sharp objects and near an electrical source if your pool comes equipped with a filter.

Connect your air pump to the pool per the manufacturer's instructions. If your inflatable pool does not include an air pump, you can choose from a variety of pump options to inflate your pool. Effective types of pumps for pools include bellows, double-quick action, battery-operated and low-volume electric pumps.

Inflate the pool to full inflation. Check manufacturer specifications for exact air requirements. Do not over inflate your pool. Overinflation can result in the bursting of the pool seams. Once inflated completed, insert the stopper into any filter holes to prevent air leakage.

Fill with water and enjoy your new pool.

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