How to make fake tongue rings

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Fake tongue rings are perfect for those who are wary of punching a hole in their tongue but still like the look of a tongue ring. Fake tongue rings can be purchased at party supply stores, costume stores and some department stores.

However, many fake tongue rings are made with magnets, which if swallowed can damage your body, cause pain and can even result in hospitalisation or death. To avoid this, make your own tongue ring without magnets.

Cut 1 inch of silver wire with wire cutters.

Dab superglue on one end of the metal wire, and slide a bead onto it so that the silver is not poking through the other end of the hole. Hold the bead in place until the glue sets.

Sand smooth the other end of the wire with metal sandpaper. This will prevent it from cutting your tongue.

Hold the dowel in the centre of the wire, and bend the ends around it, making a horseshoe shape rather than a circle. This will help the ring stay tight on your tongue and will prevent it from slipping.

Place the tongue ring anywhere along the edge of your tongue so that the beaded end is at the bottom of your tongue and the wire end is on the top. The ring will be wrapped around the edge of your tongue. You can place it anywhere along the tongue's edge that you find comfortable. Most people place the ring on tip of the tongue or along the middle of one of the sides of the tongue.

If the ring feels loose, simply pinch the ends so that it will stay on your tongue.