How to hook up water to a mobile home

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Mobile homes are built in a factory and shipped to your property. Before the mobile home is delivered, you must have the land cleared and flattened. Utilities must be run to the spot where your home will be placed. Then the manufacturer, or a delivery contractor will drop off your home.

One way to save on installation costs is to hook up the plumbing yourself. This can be accomplished with PVC pipe run from your mobile home to the utility line that is waiting to feed your new home with water.

Use your flat screwdriver to lift the lip of the underpinning frame. Pull the underpinning up and remove each section. Stack the pieces on the side where you removed them so they can go back into their proper position after the project. Remove any debris from under the mobile home. Spread out dust sheets under the mobile home so you can keep yourself, your tools and your supplies clean during installation.

Wipe the supply fitting coming out of the ground and the receiving line under the mobile home with a rag. Clean both of the fittings and be sure to clear them from any obstructions.Wrap the male threads of the supply line with Teflon tape.

Twist a female threaded PVC fitting onto the Teflon covered supply line. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads on a male PVC fitting. Insert the PVC fitting into the female receiver at the end of the water line under the mobile home. Snug both of the connections with your Stillson wrench. Be careful not to over-tighten the fittings and crack the PVC.

Spread primer into the smooth, exposed openings of both PVC fittings. Prime the end of a piece of PVC pipe, cover the primer on the pipe with PVC glue, and slide it into the fitting on the supply line. Install another pipe into the fitting on the receiving line.

Cut the pipes as necessary. Sand any cut edges. Wipe away the dust and debris. Use angled connections to help you guide your pipe between the two fittings. Install straight couplings where you want to go in a straight line and the pipe will not reach. Run PVC pipe from one fitting to the other.

Attach the PVC pipe to the metal trusses under the mobile home. Wrap the pipe and truss with tie wire to hold the water supply in place. Cut the tie wire as necessary with wire cutters.

Contact your local water company to have your water service activated. Remove the dust sheets and replace the underpinning after the service is on and you have checked the system for leaks.