How to Make a Three Point Jester Hat

venice carnival: black jester image by Tamara Kulikova from

Hats have many different purposes: fashion, protection or costume design. They can be as simple as a baseball cap, rugged like a cowboy hat, or something elaborate like a safari hat. One of the more esoteric hats that some people wear are the three pointed jester hats.

They are vibrant, colourful head garments that attract attention and add flair to a funny costume. These popular hats can be expensive to buy, but with a few sewing materials, you can have one of your own.

Cut three pieces of fabric 24 inches long and 10 inches wide from the first colour. Cut three pieces of fabric with the same dimensions from the second colour.

Place one coloured fabric evenly over the second coloured one. Sew only one edge of the two pieces together along the length of the fabric. Repeat this process for the other pieces until you have a total of three sets of sewn fabrics.

Measure 4 1/2 inches along the length of one fabric. Draw an S-shaped line from the 4 1/2-inch point to the opposite corner of the fabric. Sew along the S-shaped line. Repeat this process for the other two pieces.

Cut off excess pieces 1/4 inch away from the S-shaped stitching you just made. Repeat this process for the remaining two pieces of fabric.

Take two of the sections and place down their unsewn sections open-faced. Connect the 10-inch sides together so that they are not of the same colour. Sew them together.

Spread the third section open faced on the non-sewn section. Place its 10-inch sides along the exposed 10-inch edges of the two pieces. Sew the remaining edges together.

Fold 1/2 inch of fabric from the head opening of your hat. Sew 1/4 inch from the edge of the fold. Turn your hat inside-out so that the seams will be hidden on the inside.

Sew additional accessories onto the ends of the hat. You can use bells, pom-poms, tassels, and so forth.