How to create a keyboard shortcut for volume control

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Digging through files, folders and programs to find your computer's volume control can be an annoying process. And while you do have a volume icon in your task bar, it only controls your master volume. In Windows XP, creating a keyboard shortcut will help you access volume control more quickly, as well as open other facets of volume control such as wave, synth, microphone and balance that are not immediately available in the task bar. See "tips" for notes regarding Windows Vista and Windows 7.

In Windows XP or earlier, click "Start" and click "All Programs." When the program list appears, click "Accessories," then "Entertainment," then "Volume Control."

Right-click on volume control, then select "Properties." In the volume control properties, select the "Shortcut" tab.

The box next to the words "Shortcut key" should say "None." Click in that box, then touch the key (number, letter, or symbol) you wish to use as your volume control shortcut key. This will make your shortcut Ctrl+Alt+(your desired key).

Click "Apply." Close the volume control properties box, then use your keyboard shortcut to open volume control to ensure it worked.

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