How to Make Recycled Glass Into Glass Beads

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Glass bottles and jars can be reused in a variety of craft projects. Even broken glass can be reused to make glass beads. This project require bead moulds, which can be bought at craft and glass art stores. A kiln, which is an insulated box with high levels of heat, is also used to make glass beads.

Put your glass into a mortar.

Use a pestle to grind the glass down to a fine powder.

Pour the powder into a sifter so any large pieces are filtered out.

Decide what colour you want your beads to be and pour that colour dye into the powder. Add one drop of dye at a time until you achieve the colour you want.

Mix kaolin with water. The mixture should be equal parts kaolin and water, but how much you need depends on your bead mould.

Coat the insides of your bead moulds with this kaolin mixture. This will help the beads come out easily.

Pour the coloured powder into bead moulds.

Put the moulds into a kiln for 20 minutes to an hour. The more beads or the lower the heat, the longer the moulds should stay in the kiln.

When enough time has passed, take out the moulds and pop out your glass beads. Wipe off any kaolin left on the beads with a cloth.

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