How do I transfer photos from an email to the my pictures folder on the computer?

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If you use e-mail regularly, you have probably received an e-mail attachment. An attachment to an e-mail is a file that is sent along with the email that is not embedded in the body of the message. Most files can be sent as attachments, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and photos. Sometimes you might want to save an attachment to a specific location. For example, you may want to save a photo attachment to your computer's My Pictures folder.

Open the email with the photo attachment. In most programs, you open the email by clicking on the message.

Scroll down to the bottom of the email. Most e-mail systems display photo attachments at the bottom of the message, with each photo separated, representing that they are different files. Often the name of the photo file will be underneath the actual photo.

Right-click on the photo file name and select "Save Image As." You may also right-click on the actual photo or, in some e-mail programs, you can just click on a link that says "Download."

Select the "My Pictures" folder as the target location for the download in the window that appears. You may also want to specify a file name by typing a name in the open field. Be sure to keep the extension the same. If the file has the extension ".jpg," be sure to save the file as "FILENAME.jpg" where FILENAME is the name you gave the image.

Select "Save." Your image will be transferred from your e-mail to your My Pictures folder. If you want to do this for multiple pictures, just repeat the steps for each picture.

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