How to view recent print history

Finding your printer's print history/job history is a simple task. Your printer keeps a log of all the jobs it has ever been told to print. To view this history you must find this log. To perform this task you must be able to plug your computer into the printer, and then access this log sheet.

Then you can keep close records of every document sent to your printer, by anyone who uses the printer.

Turn on your computer and printer.

Insert your printer's USB cord into your computer's USB port.

Open your printer as a program by double clicking its icon that is located on your desktop (PC) or dashboard (Mac). This icon will pop up when your computer recognises your printer via the USB cord.

Select the "Jobs" pull-down menu at the top of your screen while in your printer application.

Choose "Show Completed Jobs" from the "Jobs" pull-down menu

View every printer job completed or cancelled.