How to Remove the Trim Panel on a Grand Caravan

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There are several trim panels within the Dodge Grand Caravan. These include the panels that make up the dashboard, the door inner trim panels (including the sliding doors and rear liftgate) and the rear trim panels that border the seats. Since most of these trim panels use screws and similar inner fasteners, the removal process is similar for all of them. The exact method of removing them can vary depending on the year of the Dodge van.

Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable by loosening the cable clamp nut, with a wrench.

Disconnect the left end cap of the instrument panel by removing the attaching screws and detaching it from the dashboard. Grasp the cover of the right end cap and pull it sharply to remove it.

Take out the end caps for the pull handles on each A-trim pillar, unscrew the handle mounting fasteners and remove the handles. Release the clips for the A-pillar trim to remove it.

Insert a trim stick under the instrument panel top cover and work it around the perimeter to release all the fasteners and remove the top cover.

Open the cup holder and remove the access cover to the radio and air conditioner control bezel with the trim stick. Pry around the bezel with the stick to release its clips and unplug the electrical connectors behind it.

Lift up the steering column bezel with a firm grip, then remove the instrument cluster bezel's mounting screws. Tilt the steering column down and grab the bezel with two hands to pull it straight out.

Unscrew the mounting screws for the knee bolster and grab the cover with both hands and pull it out.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Disconnect the window crank if the front door uses manual windows by inserting a hooked tool into the hole behind the handle to release the clip. Pry off the door switch panel with a trim stick and disconnect its electrical connector if the door uses power windows.

Unscrew and remove all the retaining screws for the front door panel, which should be located within the door handle, pull handle and bottom of the panel. Pry the panel off its fasteners with the trim stick, disconnect the inner door handle's lock rod and unplug the electrical connectors.

Close the sliding door and remove the upper frame moulding with the trim stick. Remove the screws holding the panel in place--if this is the left sliding door, there's a screw inside the ashtray. Insert the trim stick into the trim panel near the bottom and work it around the perimeter to release the fasteners.

Use the trim stick to pry off the upper moulding around the liftgate at the back. Unscrew the fasteners for the gate's pull handle, then use the trim stick to remove the panel's fasteners.

Disconnect the Caravan's negative battery cable.

Remove the rear seats by moving them to their downward position, removing the lower trim and seat mounting fasteners (there are usually six of them currently accessible), raising the seats to their upright position to remove the remaining fasteners for the trim, removing the trim and removing the remaining seat fasteners.

Pry out the plastic plugs for whichever trim panel you are removing with a flat screwdriver. The trim panels include the rear header trim, the upper seat belt anchors, the D-pillar trim panel and the speaker cover trim panel.

Unscrew all the mounting screws for the trim panel with a screwdriver. Pry the panel off its mounting clips with the flat screwdriver or trim stick.

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